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In addition to the Pet Health Care Library, we have provided the following links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care. We will update this page frequently, and would love to hear your ideas on links that you would like to see us add to this page to share with other pet owners. Feel free to send us your favorites. If we like them, we will add them to our list!

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Follow this link to information from the AVMA: 


 Kids and pets A great site for kids to explore the wonderful world of pets and all of the animals in the world!


Orthopets  Looking for options in orthopedic bracing for your pet? Check out this wonderful local company and its talented owners.

  • Oral Health for Pets  Yes, your pet does have icky teeth - but it's not inevitable! This site explains how to do home care to be sure your pet has "pearly whites" and fresh breath.

    Diabetes in Pets  This condition strikes fear in the hearts of all pet owners - but it is manageable condition! We see numerous diabetic patients, and know that the information on this site is accurate and helpful. Once there, click on the Tools menu on the left side to navigate to the information you need most.

    Pet Loss and Bereavement Resources  We know how difficult this part of pet ownership is, and this site can help you in decision making as well as with dealing with your loss.

  • Specialized Urns  At this site, you can browse a wide selection of specialized urns to memorialize your pet. Enter Store #80207, the number for Whispering Winds, our cremation service provider. After you have made your selection, call us with the item number you want, and we will make arrangements for delivery to our office.
  • National Animal Poison Control Center This is the website of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service The USDA maintains this website with information on a variety of animal health related topics, including the latest news on such things as Mad Cow Diseases, foot and mouth disease, and many other things.
  • Heartworm Society    Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here!

    Behavior problems  Founded by Brian Kilcommons and Sharon Wilson, best-selling authors and recognized experts on animal training and behavior, this site is a terrific resource for advice on a variety of behavioral problems. If you want to learn more about feline housesoiling, barking dogs, aggression, or any other behavioral problem, check this one out!

  • West Nile Virus This site is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and has the latest information on the spread of West Nile Virus in the US, as well as information on disease transmission, symptoms, etc.


  • Cornell Feline Health Center  This is the ultimate source for the most current feline health information and research.                                                                 

    The Indoor Cat Initiative  Want to be sure that your indoor cat has the most enriched life possible? Check out the suggestions here!

    The Winn Feline Foundation health library  A complete, knowledgeable data base on all cat topics.                                                                                         

    Feline Asthma  Asthma is an all-too-common problems for our feline patients. Find helpful hints here.

    Considering declawing?  Please see this information for ways to avoid this procedure and have a happy cat and family!                                                       

    Want to work toward banning declaws?  See this site for more information.


    Choosing a new puppy 

    This is a nice starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.