Behavioral Couseling

A truly fearful pet, such as one who has documented abuse or neglect in the past, can exhibit unwanted behaviors. For other pets, that demeanor is just "who they are." Sometimes, behavioral issues are due to age. For instance, puppies are notorious for getting into things or jumping on people when they're excited. Certain breeds are known to be more high-strung than others as well. Fortunately, unwanted pet behaviors are not set in stone. Instead, you can enjoy a well-behaved pet when you opt for behavioral counseling from our vet at Southwest Veterinary Hospital, PC, serving Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas.


Thorough Evaluations 

The first step of behavioral counseling from our veterinarian is a comprehensive evaluation. Our vet will ask that you fill out a complete medical history report about your pet. Our vet will assess your pet for any physical issues that could be leading to behavioral problems.

Our veterinarian will also want to know when the problems began and if any changes in your pet's life could have initiated the changes. If these are issues that the pet always had, our practitioner will want to know if you can document any abuse or neglect that occurred before you adopted your furry friend. 

Training Sessions 

Our veterinarian may recommend professional training sessions to improve your pet's behavior. Our veterinarian may also recommend habituation. During this type of treatment, your pet is taught to become unresponsive to stimuli. While your pet will still know enough to respond if he or she is in danger, habituation consists of your pet learning that certain stimuli aren't harmful. Therefore, it can reduce barking or other undesirable behaviors. 

Conditioning teaches a pet to associate a particular event with a stimulus. Sometimes, our vet will recommend a rewards program where your pet gets a reward when exhibiting positive behaviors. 


Not all training programs are enough to curb unwanted behavior or reduce anxiety in your pet. In some cases, our vet may recommend consultation with an animal behaviorist or medication therapy to help manage your pet's behavior. Medication alongside behavioral counseling is typically highly effective in curbing undesirable behaviors. Our veterinarian will assess your pet's condition to determine the correct treatment approach.

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