Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Littleton, CO

At Southwest Veterinary Hospital PC, we offer some of the highest quality animal healthcare services in Colorado. Our team, led by Dr. Sara Mark and Dr. Jennifer Adams, have the training and on-the-job experience to diagnose and treat whatever comes through our doors. We offer everything from preventative care to routine checkups and urgent or acute care.


Prevent Bigger Health Problems with Early Diagnosis

Diagnostics is one of our key services at our veterinary hospital. Animals don’t experience or show pain the way humans do. Even minor symptoms or something seeming ‘off’ could point to more serious problems. If you’re concerned about your cat or dog, schedule an appointment. Our veterinarians have a wide variety of diagnostic tools at hand to figure out what’s going on.

Don’t wait until your pet is feeling under the weather to see us. Regular comprehensive exams and vaccinations can help your furry companion stay healthy, happy, and pain-free throughout their lives. An exam at least once a year gives your veterinarian a chance to detect conditions before they become serious. Meanwhile, vaccinations protect both your pet and other animals from numerous, potentially deadly, diseases.

Therapeutic Options and Acute or Urgent Care Services

What if your pet does have an injury or underlying health issue? There are many therapeutics available. Treatment and urgent care services focus on relieving pain and short-term symptoms like vomiting. Your veterinarian will also use interventions to fix the underlying problem in the long term. This could involve:

  • surgery to repair a serious injury
  • medication to manage a chronic condition
  • radiation therapy, sometimes with surgery, to treat cancer
  • dietary changes to help control diabetes
  • switching to hypoallergenic soap when washing pet bedding
  • more exercise for your dog
  • other interventions tailored to your pet’s specific needs

Have any questions about your animals or their recommended course of treatment? Give us a call! Our staff is happy to talk with you about your concerns. This also applies if you think a treatment isn’t working. Bring up what you’ve noticed with specific examples. The more information you can pass on to our vets, the better advice they’ll be able to give you. Our veterinarians will also be able to suggest treatment alternatives.

Remember: you and your vet are a team. Working together, you can find the right therapeutic solution for your pet.

Southwest Veterinary Hospital PC is Here for You and Your Pet

Our clinic has proudly served the needs of the Littleton, CO community for many years. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your beloved companion. Contact us today at (303) 794-2697 for an appointment or emergency care.

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