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Cardiography For Diagnosis

Pets can be subject to heart problems just as people are. In some cases the problem is congenital, but a heart problem may develop over time in other cases. Careful diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help these animals to live long and active lives. At Southwest Veterinary Hospital, PC in Littleton, CO, we provide electrocardiography to diagnose pet heart problems.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Pets

Our veterinarians will begin to suspect a heart problem when an animal displays certain types of symptoms: weakness, sudden fainting, labored breathing on exertion, or when a murmur is detectable through a stethoscope. The animal may develop a cough or may be reluctant to exercise. Some animals have appetite or behavioral changes.

What Electrocardiography Can Detect

An electrocardiogram, or ECG, records electrical activity that occurs in the heart. As a result, it can find irregularities in heartbeats that could indicate a problem with function. It can also detect heart enlargement or effects of anesthesia on heart function during surgery. An ECG is non-invasive, so it can be safely used to diagnose specific types of health problems that might be heart-related. An ECG is painless for the animal and can provide vital information for our veterinarians.

What Happens During Pet Electrocardiography?

An electrocardiogram is done in our office. Your pet may not need a sedative for the test, depending on how active he or she is. Our vet tech may assist your pet to stand or lie on the right side to allow clear access to the chest area.  Electrodes will be attached to the skin, with cables that lead to the EKG machine. The device will record the heart's electrical activity over a period of time, generally less than 10 minutes. The device will then print out a graph of the resulting data, which the vet will then discuss with the owner.

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Dr. Mark, Dr. Gold, and Dr. Adams combine their training and experience to ensure their patients in Littleton and surrounding communities receive quality care at every age. We offer various veterinary services for pets, including wellness visits, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, urgent care, and nutritional counseling. Call us at Southwest Veterinary Hospital, PC today at 303-794-2697 for an appointment or to learn more about electrocardiography and other diagnostics that help pets stay healthy.

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